Saturday, April 23, 2011

So, I'm being a turd about keeping this updated, I know...

It was new boot day old ones were going on 3 years and while they're not trashed completely, they were getting broken down enough that they were causing me some discomfort during long barn days. My solution? Get new boots so I can endure about a week of excruciating pain and hopefully 3 more years of comfort. I can only hope since they're really cute boots.

Coco is doing better today...we were going for a nice light workout, at a walk, and he insisted on cantering a ton. He was still pretty off at the trot, but I'm going to chalk up the cantering to him being a reasonably active horse who's been cooped up for over a week with no outlet. Mike tried to keep him as calm as possible so he wouldn't hurt himself. Guess we'll figure out tomorrow if he overdid it. He also got the crap groomed out of him and his coat is coming in amazingly well. It's deep, rich, shiny and I think I saw a hint of dapples.

Seven got a light workout cantering over the poles. She wasn't even winded when we were done, but we've decided that we're going to alternate tough workouts with lighter ones and riding with groundwork so we keep it interesting for everyone involved. I actually hopped on her bareback/bridle-less the other day in the round pen. We don't have much in the way of steering, but she will move around your leg pretty well.

Tomorrow either Mike or I will take Seven out on the trails for her workout. She loves it out there and she's proven so far to be almost completely unflappable. The biggest issue we've had so far is her not wanting to stay on the path. Seriously, if she had her way she'd go blasting through the highest brush she could find. It should be a fun day!

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