Friday, April 1, 2011

Coco day 7, Seven day 3

Of course they couldn't match up well.

We started our day at the feed shop. We needed hay replacer and shavings and I had a coupon (!) for a free Dura Fork when you buy 10 bags. I chose the only purple fork in the shop then we loaded up the truck and headed out to the barn.

Three bags of shavings and one 50lb bag of feed warrants being able to drive up to the barn instead of parking down in the lot and carrying everything up..especially when it's already 90 degrees and our day hasn't even begun. After getting our stuff squared away and letting both horses get about 20 minutes of free turn out to roll and do horse things, Mike set up 2 poles while I caught Seven and led her back to the tack shed.

Coco's exercise consisted of cantering over 2 poles situated opposite of each other while on the lunge line for a couple minutes in each direction with breaks to trot and walk to catch his breath. We plan to add additional poles ever week until we reach a total of four. Workout time: ~25-30 mins.

Seven was given about 20 mins of turnout where she walked briskly, trotted for about 1 total minute and even picked up a slow canter for about 10 seconds! She was hand walked for about 10 minutes after. Workout time: ~20 mins.

Both horses were hosed down, allowed to dry (mostly) and well groomed in addition to many pats and love before returning to their stalls and their lunch.

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