Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Coco day 16, Seven day 14

Do you see that shit? That's a mare cantering willingly under saddle. She did at least 3 whole circuits total, probably 1.5 in each direction. She was a firecracker! Mike practiced polo swings off her and I cooled her out by riding around the farm for about 10 minutes. Then she got hosed off and we all stood in the sun and dried off.

Coco was buted about 30 mins before his workout, but doesn't seem to be improved at all. In fact, he actually seems off on his right hind now, also. Horses are such a fucking crap shoot. We just have to keep plugging on and working though these issues, I suppose. He worked very lightly over poles, then got groomed really well because he's still such a good boy and we love him no matter what.

Bonus Seven pics!


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