Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Coco day 11, Seven day 7

Cool, cloudy and drizzly today. I like days like that as long as it doesn't piss rain for a week and completely ruin the stalls and all of the bedding. Coco can't handle mud. It's not that he has an aversion to the stuff, he just won't stay out of it. Sometimes I think he makes his own mud from piss and horse poop to lay in just to spite me.

Speaking of the Dingus, he didn't feel well today. His breakfast was only half eaten when we got there around 1pm and he seemed really listless. I found his fly mask in his neighbor's stall (thanks jerky neighbor horse, I'm glad you're going to Hawaii if you're going to try to shred fly masks) and he had a scrape on his big dumb head.

Nothing awful, mostly just lost hair. He loves other horses so much he can't keep his face to himself so we deal with a lot of bite marks on this guy. Poor Coco, he just wants to be friends. I threw some Vetricyn on it and left it at that.

We didn't work him hard since he seemed so listless, just walking over (our new!) poles and letting him trot if he wanted. He was a touch off on his left front and Mike said it felt like he had some slight swelling in that tendon, so we used some mineral ice on all four legs and just let him hang out while Seven worked.

We followed the same outline as yesterday with Miss Sev. Eight laps in both directions, but this time over all four (new!) poles. She barely broke a sweat and didn't seem taxed by what we asked her to do. She mostly seemed bored.

Jealous of that new pole? They're incredibly adequate. Also, no sooner than we put them away, someone else at the barn dragged them back out to use. Mike and I both agree that so long as none of them decide to take a walk, we're fine with people using them. That custom paint job is hard to miss, though, so I doubt anyone would be that ballsy.

It was a so-so day. Seven did well, Coco was slightly off which always kinda worries me considering his history. Tomorrow is another day off while Mike has his PT session, so hopefully whatever is wrong with him will work itself out with some rest.

Aww...look, so friendly!

...Or not. She makes the best Mare Faces. Each one more pissy than the last.

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