Saturday, April 2, 2011

Coco day 8, Seven day 4

Found out board is increasing next month. $25 per horse. Even with the increase, I wouldn't dream of looking for another place to board. Hay has increased around $8 a bale in the past two years.

It was much cooler today...mid-60s, which made getting all of our horsey errands done much easier.

Coco seems stiffer going to the right than he is going to the left, but Mike says he's able to canter longer in both directions. He wasn't too uncomfortable to act like a jerk for a while. Still working over two poles as we only have access to two of them in the upper arena. We have permission to store extra poles at the barn, though so I'm looking into buying or making some. ~20-25 min workout.

Seven was full of herself today. During turnout she was tossing her head and acting like a shit and even cantered again. I worked her in the round pen for around 20 mins. She trotted 5 laps each way, then walked for the rest of the time at a nice, forward walk. She seemed stiff after standing tied while she cooled out, but didn't seem uncomfortable during our hand-walking/grazing.

Considering putting Seven back on 2 feedings of alfalfa a day.

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