Friday, April 8, 2011

Coco day 12, Seven day 8

Spent the day yesterday putting in our small garden. I've never really gardened before so it'll be an experiment in itself. Bonus: we have all the fertilizer we could ever possibly need.

No pictures today, unfortunately. I forgot to bring the camera along and regretted it immediately.

Coco was in the middle of having his hooves trimmed when we arrived today. That's a whole other thing...His feet are terrible, gross, mealy excuses anyway and I'm not sure our current trimmer is doing much for him. Yes, Mike is a farrier, but with his wrist still healing we've had to rely on other people to trim the horses for us. There's nothing necessarily wrong with the way his feet are being trimmed and he's not lame, it's just not exactly how I would like for them to be trimmed. We're getting a second opinion next week, I think.

Speaking of idiots, Coco really showed his ass today during his workout. Wow. He tried every trick in the book to avoid going over more than 2 poles on any given lap, but also acted like he had twice the energy he normally does. Needless to say, Mike worked the stupid out of him. Well, not all of it because...let's face it, there'd be nothing left.

He's looking pretty good, though, so that's something.

Seven was an angel as usual for her workout and seemed to really want to trot today. So I let her. She didn't seem sore, taxed or winded having done it and she recovered very quickly so maybe it's time to push her a little. She has a vet appointment on April 16, so we'll definitely get more answers then. She's moving a lot better, but her joints still pop and crack a lot.

We worked a bit more on the importance of waiting until she has permission to eat her food. She's a great horse, but very pushy when it comes to eating things. And, not that people should ever be feeing my horse anything without my permission, but I'd hate to have her get grabby and bite a kid or something.

A Note To Children: Do not touch my horse. It is not for you.

And since every post is worthless without pics, here's a photo of Coco being a complete wank.

This was taken a little over a year ago. He had about 90% coverage. Literally took us hours to get him clean. I think I mentioned that Coco likes mud...just wanted to give you an idea of how much. Next time he does that shit, he's staying that way.

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