Monday, April 18, 2011

Coco's lame, Seven's great!

So it's been a few days since I've updated but tons of things have happened with the horses. First, Coco's mysterious lameness turned out to be an abscess. Yuck, dude. Luckily, the vet was able to lance it and get it draining on Saturday so all we have to do is make sure it stays wrapped and clean. Really, we should have known...he gets them all the time. I'm pretty sure everything in the world can cause Coco to abscess. Too little care, too much care, water, food, standing, running, lunar phases, planetry alignment...

At least we know how to deal with it. Diapers, vet wrap, iodine, epsom salts, hot water and duct tape. Tools of the fucking trade.

Sev is doing fantastic though! We rode her again today in the Cashel saddle at all three gaits and she learned about listening to cues and not trotting as fast as she can all the time. Seriously, full throttle trotter. Warp speed. She cantered two full laps in the big arena in both directions with mike! It is so exciting to have her this sound!

Hopefully coco will be feeling better tomorrow and we can get him back into work. I'd hate to see that big fine butt waste away.

Exciting news about my garden, though! Even though the gardeners tried to sabotague the lettuce by jamming a fucking tomato cage into the pot which ripped up a ton of soil when we removed it, our plantlings are thriving, blooming and sprouting! I saw the first baby carrots today and the edamame is going crazy. Its very exciting for me...I've never really grown something from a seed before.

I'm posting this from the Xoom, so if its full of errors that's what's responsible. This thing is really cool, but typing with no tactile feedback is really tough. I'll also try to upload some pics later, too.

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