Tuesday, April 12, 2011

coco day 15, seven day 12 (?)

No pics again today. I was too excited about getting new skates to remember my camera. They're amazing skates and I skated 1/2 a mile today after working with the horses. Poorly.

Good news though! The vet happened to be out at the farm today and said we've been doing an amazing job with both horses. She said they have both put on tons of muscle and Seven's butt looks twice as big as it did last time she saw her. Hell yes that feels good! I got clearance to ride Seven today, too. I'm so fucking going to tomorrow, too.

Unfortunately since Coco's feet were trimmed he's been very footsore, especially going to the right. We asked the vet about this and she suggested 1g of bute 30 minutes before we work him, and then only at the walk over our poles. If he doesn't improve by saturday, well...we've got a vet appointment already booked and we'll go from there. Another option we have is to see if he improves when we put his hoof boots on while we work him. He did lose a ton of sole during that trim, so we're really hoping it's nothing too serious. Bleh. Horsefeet.

Seven is doing amazing in her round pen work. She's still not the most graceful and knocks a lot of poles, but she's cantering a lot easier than she ever has. I asked the vet during our 5 min free visit (hell yes) about her new attitude toward grooming..did I mention before that she's started being a total bitch about being groomed? Like, considering biting me and shit? She doesn't dare actually go through with it because I make her think she's going to die when she even looks at me nasty, but she's biting anything she can reach and it's pissing me off. Anyway, the vet said that it could be a number of things, namely that it's breeding season and she's just bitchy about everything or that she just finally feels good enough to have an opinion about things. Either way, now that I'm pretty sure it's not a pain issue, she's gonna get her ass kicked if she tries that shit anymore. Your opinion doesn't matter, Mare. My need to have a clean shiny horse trumps your desire to have poo-fur.

It makes me hopeful that we really are on the right path with both of these horses now.

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