Monday, May 2, 2011

wind, infrared scans, dust and jumps

Hot, dry and windy today. We're still having problems with Coco being lame, very lame today. The barn owner said she thinks the issue might be up higher in his leg, rather than in his foot, so tomorrow morning we're going to do an infrared scan on him. Later, hopefully Wednesday after the infrared vet interp comes back, we'll have our vet out to look at him. He's still really shiny, I guess.

Haven't been working Seven in any kind of structured manner recently, but instead we've been giving her "encouraged turnout". That's where we turn her out and let her roll and trot around on her own for about 5 minutes, then chase her ass around with the whip making her move out for another 10 or so. Today we even set up a small jump along one of the long sides of the arena to work on picking her feet up and doing small jumps like you'd find on the trail. She willingly jumped it several times with "encouragement", but preferred to dart around it when left to her own devices.

I'm not too worried about it. She works herself pretty hard in turnout and I think that with the extra running we've been making her do she's getting a good workout. I threw the bitless bridle on her and rode her bareback around the farm before we went home for the day. My ass can attest to a strengthening topline, at least. The near future holds a lesson in not walking off when being mounted, though. Seriously, the little shitfit she threw when Mike legged me up today was un-fucking-called-for.

Gotta be up extra early tomorrow so we can get Coco's scan done. The weather's been really hot and the scans do much better when it's not so hot. In order for that to happen we have to beat the desert sun.

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